Event Schedule

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Important Consignor Dates

Consignor Regular Drop Offs:

  • Sunday, January 25, 1pm-5pm
  • Monday, January 26, 2pm-8pm

Late Drop-Off with Restrictions:

  • Sunday, February 1, 3pm-5pm and throughout the sale during operating hours

Consignor Pick Up:

  • Sunday, February 15, 3pm-6pm

Important Shopping Dates

NOTE:  We are CLOSED February 3-February 6

  • 24s shop: Friday, January 30, 10am-8pm
  • Super Duper Volunteers shop: Saturday, January 31, 10am-8pm
  • Super Volunteers shop: Saturday, January 31, 1pm-8pm
  • Regular Volunteers shop: Saturday, January 31, 3pm-8pm
  • Daycare Owners (who distribute our handout to all of the parents of children in your daycare) shop: Saturday, January 31, 5pm-8pm
  • Consignors Who Use All White Tags shop: Sunday, February 1, 1pm-6pm
  • Consignors shop: Sunday, February 1, 2pm-6pm
  • Shop for a Cause "Guests" who Join Our Mailing List Online (gift for charity required) shop: Monday, February 2, 10am-9pm
  • UNLIMITED # of Friends of Volunteers & Friends of Consignors (with pass) shop: Monday, February 2, noon-9pm
  • Expecting Parents who Register Online shop: Monday, February 2, 2-9pm
  • 1st Time Parents (children under 1 year) & Foster Parents who Register Online shop: Monday, February 2, 4-9pm
  • Military, Teachers and Homeschoolers (ID/Proof required) shop: Monday, February 2, 6-9pm
  • Public Sale #1: Saturday, February 7, 10am - 9pm
  • Public Sale #2: Sunday, February 8, 1pm - 6pm
  • Volunteers' & Consignors' Discount Day: Sunday, February 8, 1pm-6pm (50% off green and black prices)
  • Public Discount Day: Monday, February 9, 10am - 9pm (50% off green and black prices)
  • Volunteers' & Consignors' Final Clearance: Monday, February 9, 10am-9pm (50% off GREEN and 75% off BLACK prices)
  • Public Final Clearance: Tuesday, February 10, 10am - 9pm (50% off GREEN and 75% off BLACK prices)
  • On Preview/Special Shopping Dates (Wristbands Required): Your parents/grandparents/spouse can shop with you or in your stead, but friends or siblings must register as volunteers or consignors to earn early shopping privileges OR shop at the Friends Sale
  • Once your initial shopping date has passed, you are welcome to attend the sale on any date!  We love repeat shoppers!!!
  • Everyone is invited to attend our Shop for a Cause Charity event on Monday, February 2, beginning at 10am!
A copy of the confirmation web page or email showing that you've joined our mailing list is required, along with a gift to donate to local charities or to Habitat for Humanity. Gifts accepted include:
  • Check for $15 or more made out to Habitat for Humanity with Sovereign Grace Church in the memo.*
  • Check for $15 or more made out to your favorite local church, PTA or kid-friendly charity complete with envelope addressed to that charity. We'll supply the postage!
  • Unopened packages of diapers, wipes or formula valued at $15 or more.

*Tax receipts will be mailed at year end for all donations by check.

Thanks to the generosity of our shoppers, during our Fall 2014 sale, Kids EveryWear raised more than $3100 at our shop for a Cause event for the Habitat for Humanity project in Apex, NC and 51 other local charities!

Raise Money for Your Church, PTA, or Similar KID-Friendly Local Charity! A $15 check made out to the charity of your choice, complete with envelope addressed to that charity is YOUR ticket to this early shopping date! We'll supply the postage! Advertise this event in your Charity's bulletin and shop even earlier! Get Kids EveryWear's SHOP FOR A CAUSE event published in your next bulletin or newsletter & you may shop on Saturday, January 31, 5-8pm or any shopping date thereafter !!! Once you have approval to insert our event in your upcoming bulletin, email us details and we'll email you an early shopping pass, provided the bulletin comes out before the sale and is likely to catch the attention of young families! Shop early and raise money for your favorite cause by spreading the word!!! A copy of the bulletin will be required with your shopping pass!

Register Here for the Expecting or First-time Moms Sales later that day. Spread the word to your new friends in your childbirth classes. Feel free to bring your spouse and parents along to help you shop! Leave the boxes for volunteering and consigning blank unless you'd like to participate in the sale and shop EVEN earlier! Simply bring a copy of your confirmation web page or email registration confirmation showing that you have registered.


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