Dropping Off

You are welcome to drop off items at either or both of our two pre-sale drop-off times:

  • Sunday, August 19, 1pm-5pm
  • Monday, September 4, 2pm-8pm

You do not need an appointment to drop off.

Park on the side of the mall facing Airport Blvd. near the blue Outlets Morrisville sign. This is the ONLY entrance for our sale. DO NOT ENTER at the Food Court. See our Map for more details on our location. DO NOT PARK IN A TOW AWAY ZONE! THEY WILL TOW! Please consider others when parking.

Print this STORE MAP to help you find each of our stores.

Print this comprehensive TOY list by store if you think you will find it helpful at drop-off.


You will NOT be bringing your children's clothing items into the stores! Please enter the building and hang them on the rolling racks near the mall entrance by GENDER only. Our volunteer staff will check for stained/off-season items and will hang them on the main racks for you. It is very important that you bring them sorted and banded by size and gender. Please place all other items on the sales' floor yourself and then check back for any stained/off-season items and bring them home.

What to do in advance

  • Group all clothing items by gender and size. Place a rubber band around the hangers of each group. Layer rubber-banded groups in boxes, keeping girls and boys separate.
  • Check each tag for a PRICE!
  • Bring an unlabeled large cardboard box to leave in the stockroom of Store 10 or 10b (Large Indoor Toys). We use these for Sort.
  • If you are bringing a crib, you must assemble it at the sale. Please bring any needed tools. NO DROP-SIDE CRIBS!!!
  • Make certain you have pre-registered online and have received e-mail confirmation. Hotmail and AOL users often do not get their email confirmation. Be sure you have kidseverywear.com in your safe senders list. If you lose your email confirmation, bring your ID and code to the sale to shop early. Email to register ONLY if you do not have web access or experience problems.
  • Double check that items have been properly hung and tagged.
  • Double check that tags and pieces are secure.
  • Double check that tag info is accurate and complete.
  • Pack an emergency kit with blank tags, pens, packing tape, cable ties and safety pins, just in case you arrive and find a tag has wiggled loose!
  • Bringing a wagon, luggage cart, rolling suitcase, stroller, rolling rack or dolly (labelled with your name and cell # in case you leave it behind) will help you transport large quantities of items from your car to the racks and shelves. DO NOT DRAG THESE ITEMS DOWN THE HALL! THEY MUST ROLL TO USE THEM IN THE HALLWAYS!

Drop-off procedure

  1. If you have large, bulky toys or infant equipment to unload, pull up to curb and quickly unload just those items to the curb.
  2. Move car to a designated mall parking spot immediately. The mall does tow illegally parked cars at drop-off! Do NOT block the fire lanes
  3. Go to REGISTRATION CHECK-IN just inside the mall entrance.
    1. BEFORE putting any of your items out, verify your code on our Check-in Sheets against one of your tags! Then HIGHLIGHT your row of information if all is correct.
    2. If your name is missing, your CODE IS WRONG, or any information is missing or incorrect, please see GAIL.
    3. If you have all white tags, show your items to get your donation receipt and early shopping pass.
  4. Hang children's clothing items on racks by gender at the mall entrance. We will check for stained/off-season items. We will hang all children's clothing items. If you mistakenly brought stained/off-season items, you may pick them up when you leave and take them home.
  5. If you bring a carseat, you MUST write the expiration date across the top of the tag with a thick red marker like this: EXP 10/22. We will check all carseats at the mall entrance.
  6. Place all items other than children's hanging clothing items in designated places on sales floor of each store. Racks, bins, and shelves are clearly labeled and there are ceiling signs and volunteers available to direct you. This part goes much more smoothly if you have pre-sorted items as recommended!
  7. Cribs, portable cribs, swings and ALL furniture must be assembled by you to display effectively. Unassembled items may be removed from the sales floor.
  8. Stack empty, unlabeled box in the back or dressing rooms of Store 10 (Ride-ons store) or 10b.
  9. Once your items are in the proper spots and assembled as required, exit quickly! No browsing!
  10. As you exit, our staff will check your bags/luggage/bins as a security measure. We know you, as a consignor, will understand.

Please note these item locations:

  • ALL Boys shoes hang on a rack down the center of the Little Boys Clothing store, store #2.
  • Ladies shoes sizes 5 & up hang on the left wall of Ladies/JR's, store #9.
  • Girls size 16 clothes are in a room to the right inside Big Girls clothing, store #5.
  • Girls shoes sizes Newborn to Big Girls 4 are in Older Girls Clothing size 4T-16, store #5.
    • Girls shoes sizes Newborn to crib shoe size 3 are on the far right wall.
    • Girls shoes in toddler sizes 4-12 are on the shoe rack at the right side of the store.
    • Bigger girls shoe sizes 1-4 are in the Girls clothing 16-18 room to the right within the Older Girls Clothing store.
  • Stuffed animals are in a stock room to the rear of Preschool Toys, store #7.
  • Halloween accessories (accepted at the Fall sale only) are in each clothing store with other accessories.
  • Roller blades, ice skates, and roller skates are with helmets in store 10 as well as large indoor toys, sporting goods, games, boxed puzzles, arts & crafts, puppets & theaters, and easels.
  • Store 10b has Large Outdoor Toys, Ride-Ons, & Bikes.

A few deals you might be interested in at Drop-off. Cash only:

  • White cardstock to tag and donate unsold leftovers next sale will be available for cash purchase (20 sheets for $1).
  • 4" zipties will be available for purchase 100/pack for $1.
  • Yellow 4 ft bungee cords will be available for purchase. $2 each.

Helpful Hints for Drop-off:

  • PLEASE keep your children with you at all times! Unsupervised children will be given an espresso and a puppy!
  • Tagging lots of books? Pre-sorting into the categories at the bottom of our Preparing Merchandise page will make for a quick drop off! Because we sort our books so carefully, we sell a much higher percentage of them than other sales! At drop-off, you will put your books in bins by these categories. We will shelve them for you. This means we have the MOST AMAZING BOOKSTORE! No time to sort your books? Bring them in a box you can leave behind and leave the box of books with our amazing volunteers to shelve them for you.
  • Boutique Brands hang on the regular clothing racks by size! Please continue to designate them with the word "boutique" written across the top of the tag and add curling ribbon to the hanger so that customers who prefer these brands can find them easily!
  • HANG Juniors and Men's clothing on the designated racks in Big Boy and Ladies/Jr's storefronts! Do NOT place them with the largest girl's or boy's sizes!
  • Juniors, Ladies' and Young Men's sizing should follow the exact size written on the inside label. Unlike children's clothing for which you should use only numeric sizing, mark your tags for these teen/grown up items with XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL or the numeric size AS WRITTEN ON THE ITEM'S LABEL and add the word Jrs., Ladies' or Men's in front of the size. Please do not make up numeric sizing for Jrs., Women's or Men's clothing! Also, men's pants should be labeled with the waist and length eg. 30x32. Remember that we DO NOT accept men's business attire but only young, trendy brands designed for teenagers.
  • Shoes hang from zip ties on racks. PLEASE bring paperclips to hang each pair of your shoes! Have extras? Leave them for other consignors by putting them on the shoe racks in the small boxes on each pole. If your bank gives away paper clips, would you collect them for us? Thanks!
  • Boys & Girls clothing will be separated by gender and size in 4 storefronts - the sizes contained in each store will be clearly signed. This makes for much less congested shopping and more rack space. We hope you enjoy!
  • Boy accessories (belts, socks, undies, hats...) go in the corresponding boys clothing store, according to size.
  • Girl accessories (hairbows, undies, tights, socks...) go in the corresponding girls clothing store, according to size.
  • Tops and shorter items will hang on the top racks, and pants/dresses and longer items will hang on the bottom racks in our Fall sale. In our Spring/Summer sale, shorts hang on the top rack and shirts and longer items hang on the bottom rack, so group your clothing items accordingly.
  • Items with a size range written on the label, i.e. 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 12-18 months or 18-24 months will hang with the LARGEST size in the range. So Old Navy jeans labeled 6-12 month will hang on the 12-month rack.
  • 24 months and 2T items will be hung on the same rack.
  • Roller Skates, Rollerblades, and Ice Skates display with Sports Equipment in store 10. Athletic Cleats display with the appropriate size and gender shoes.
  • Dance leotards hang by size on the racks with all clothing.
  • Costumes hang by size on the racks with all clothing. If we can, we offer round racks for costumes at our Fall sale.
  • Heavy winter coats at the Fall sale hang with clothing by size.
  • Nursing-specific shirts hang separately from other maternity wear, so sort and band them separately as you prepare for drop-off.
  • Ladies/Jr's items selling space is quite limited. Items which meet guidelines perfectly will be displayed. Items which clearly do not meet guidelines on our Ladies/Jr's page will not be displayed at all. Thank you for your attention to these guidelines and understanding of our limitations!
  • Hang pictures in Housewares on the nails on the walls for best display. Be sure your tag is on the FRONT of pictures.
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