Daycare/HOA/PTA Advertising

(Advertising opportunities to pta's, hoa's, etc are listed on our Barter page.)

Is Your Child in a Local Daycare or are you the owner of a Daycare? Could you advertise to your HOA/yahoo groups/fb groups/Nextdoor App/PTA for us?

Advertise for us and earn volunteer status!

  • If your child is in a daycare: ask the daycare if you can deliver a flyer per child to be given to the parents.
  • Get a count of children/# of handouts needed from them.
  • Print our 2 per page Handout and distribute the copies to the daycare.
  • Once done delivering the handouts, register as a volunteer.
    • If you have never registered before, click the New Registration button under the spaces for your name and house #.
    • On the next screen click the checkbox for "Sign up as a volunteer"
    • On the next screen, enter all of your information so you will be notified of upcoming sales
    • On the next screen Accept the Volunteer Agreement.
    • On the following screen, enter password "daycare" at the top of the volunteer agreement screen where it says: DAYCARE, MEAL VOLUNTEERS, and PRE-SALE VOLUNTEERS who have ALREADY completed or been approved for pre-sale work, you may enter your password here to register for your hours (otherwise this may be left blank) :
    • Check the checkbox beside the word "Handouts" on the next screen and enter the daycare name and details.
  • You will receive an email pass to shop at 5 pm on Saturday after the Regular Volunteers have begun shopping.
  • Also please get the daycare's email address and send it to us so we can let them in on an early shopping pass for them too!
  • Thanks for helping spread the word!

Would you like to get Regular Volunteer status or more by copying and delivering 500 flyers to Day Cares?

  • Print our 2 per page Handout (found under the Shoppers menu on the daycare page) and distribute 500 copies (print 250 since they print 2 per page) and email us the details requested below and you will earn Regular Volunteer status to shop early at our sale!
  • Use the chart of daycares and a map for each zip code (if needed) to choose the daycares nearest you.
  • Call each daycare to confirm that they have not received handouts already for Kids EveryWEAR (be sure they aren't referring to flyers from another sale if they say they have) and that they would be willing to give them to parents if you deliver the flyers to their daycare, then confirm their address and the # of kids they have, i.e. copies you will need to deliver to them.
  • Please offer the daycare an early shopping pass to the sale as well (good for one person). When you email us their email address and info, we will send them registration details.
  • After delivering the 500+ flyers, email us:
    1. A list of which daycares received flyers
    2. How many went to each
    3. The daycares address
    4. The director's email address

Thanks so much for helping spread the word!

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