Volunteer Shopping

Volunteers shop first at Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale!

The more you HELP, the earlier you SHOP, the more you SAVE...


  • Marathoners & 24s (work 24+ hrs) shop Friday, September 8, 10am-8pm through all items.
  • Super Dupers (work three regular shifts or two super shifts for a total of 12 hrs) shop Saturday, September 8, 10am-8pm through all items.
  • Supers (work two regular 4 hr shifts or one specially marked 6-8 hr Super shift) shop Saturday, September 8, 1pm-8pm.
  • Regulars (work one 4 hr shift) shop Saturday, September 8, 3pm-8pm.

NOTE: In addition to the early shop times above, ALL volunteers are invited to shop:

  • Early for 50% off on Saturday, September 15, from 10am-8pm
  • Early for 75% off on Sunday, September 16, from 1pm-7pm.

Post this EVERYWHERE!!! Sell your items! Bless your friends! An unlimited number of your FRIENDS may shop before the general public:

  • Early for full price on Monday, September 10, 1pm-8pm.
  • All Friends MUST go to the check-in area inside the mall entrance facing Airport Blvd with the blue Outlets Morrisville sign to show their pass/tell your name and get a wristband to gain entrance to all stores.
  • Due to weekend scheduling issues, friends will not be entitled to early shopping for discount days.

Note for Friends:  Everyone is invited to attend our Shop for a Cause charity event on Monday,  September 10, 10am-8pm with a gift in hand! See Shop for a Cause for details.

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