Daycare/HOA/PTA Advertising

(Advertising opportunities to pta's, hoa's, etc., are listed on our Barter page.)

Are you the owner of a Daycare? Or would you be willing to advertise to your HOA/yahoo groups/fb groups/Nextdoor App/PTA for Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale?

Advertise for Kids EveryWEAR and shop early!

  • Get a count of children/# of handouts needed.
  • Print our 2 per page Handout and distribute the copies to the parents of the children.
  • Once done delivering the handouts, register as a volunteer.
    • If you have never registered before, click the New Registration button under the spaces for your name and house #.
    • On the next screen click the checkbox for "Sign up as a volunteer"
    • On the next screen, enter all of your information so you will be notified of upcoming sales
    • On the next screen Accept the Volunteer Agreement.
    • On the following screen, enter password "daycare" at the top of the volunteer agreement screen where it says: DAYCARE, MEAL VOLUNTEERS, and PRE-SALE VOLUNTEERS who have ALREADY completed or been approved for pre-sale work, you may enter your password here to register for your hours (otherwise this may be left blank).
    • Check the checkbox beside the word "Handouts" on the next screen and enter the daycare name and details.
  • You will receive an email pass to shop at noon on Monday during our Shop for a Cause event.
  • After delivering the flyers, email us:
    1. A list of which daycares received flyers
    2. How many parents received flyers.
    3. The daycare's address and phone #
    4. The director's email address

Thanks so much for helping spread the word!


Registration for the Spring 2017 Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale at the Morrisville Outlet Mall is not yet open. Please watch your email and the home page to be notified when registration is open. Disregard information below which is for open registration ONLY!

IMPORTANT: If you have already registered and received confirmation to drop off at our regular drop-off times, DISREGARD any changes to your registration status that may be generated as a result of re-visiting this page! Your initial confirmation is VALID! Please do not contact us to confirm. Use your original confirmation both at drop-off and to shop. If you no longer have it, use ID to check-in for both drop-off and early consignor shopping times.

Volunteer registration is still open! Official consignor registration is now closed, but you have THREE OPTIONS if you’d still like to consign.

    Note: We hit our 1400 consignor capacity quickly, so if you did not receive the email announcing the opening of registration, you can give us your email address now by hitting the back button and adding it. Those who do not choose to be on our email list rarely receive information in time to register. If you decide not to consign as a late registrant, but would like to shop early, we encourage you to register now to VOLUNTEER!! Just use the back button to change your choice to volunteer.

Your options to consign are:

  1. Register now and bring ONLY toys. We have space for toys, toys, and more toys. All late registrants may bring TOYS to regular drop off.

  2. Register for 12 volunteer hours (2 – six hour slots or 3- four hour slots) and you can ignore all late registration information and drop off clothing and toys and equipment at our regular drop off. Just hit the back button now until you get to the choices. Choose consign and volunteer and continue with your registration, choosing the slots that you can work or adding barter opportunities that work for you. If you volunteer for 12 hours, please PRINT AND BRING your web registration confirmation indicating your volunteer slots to drop-off to confirm that you can drop off at our regular drop-off time(s). Of course, this also entitles you to shop at the super-duper volunteer sales for both full and half price!

  3. Register to work sort and you can drop off at late drop off (missing out however on a few key sale days) and still use colored cardstock to ensure that you can pick up your unsold items rather than donating them. Just hit the back button now until you get to the choices. Choose consign and volunteer and continue with your registration, choosing a sort slot that you can work. Of course, this also entitles you to shop at the super volunteer sales for both full and half price!

  4. If you are not volunteering for 12 hours or for sort, and you would like to consign, you will need to follow all late drop off restrictions and drop off on the late drop off dates as listed below.

RESTRICTIONS for late registrants (who do not choose to work 12 hours)

  • Sunday, March 26, 2pm-5pm and thereafter without an appointment throughout the sale during store hours only! See schedule for dates and times we are open!

We are very selective about what is allowed to be dropped off at these mid-sale times, as about 50% of our sales will have already occurred (to volunteers and consignors). Keep in mind that we sell about 95% of all toys very early into our sale. So we would love and appreciate late drop off of toys. Toys do not have any late drop-off restrictions.

However, clothing that remains at the end of our sale tends to be older in style, tiny sizes, a bit worn, out of season, or over-priced. We don't want to be sorting clothes we allowed to be dropped off late!

Therefore, the rules for late drop off of clothing are as follows:

  • No clothing will be accepted from size newborn through 9 months. Only 12 month and larger items will be allowed.
  • All clothing must have been purchased NEW at a store in the LAST 2 YEARS. No items will be accepted with any defects or wear.
  • All clothing must be priced in black ink to allow it to be sold at 50% and then 75% off if it does not sell before that.
  • All clothing must be tagged with white cardstock, meaning unsold items will be donated to one of the excellent charities we support. So, price to sell! EXCEPTION: If you sign up and work a 4 hour slot on our sort day, you may use colored cardstock and pick up your unsold late drop off items.
  • Clothing must be priced reasonably. We will ask you to mark down anything we regard as overpriced or we will be unable to accept it.

We will check every late drop off item at the door and will turn away any items which do not meet the requirements listed on our Items Accepted page and the additional requirements listed above. Thanks for both your understanding of the limitations we face at this point in the sale and your enthusiasm to participate!


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