Your volunteer slot for KidsEveryWEAR is coming up in the next 2 days!

  • Volunteers should park on the Outlets Morrisville end of the mall - facing Airport Blvd and enter at the doors under the blue Outlets Morrisville sign. This is the only entrance for the Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale. Please do not park at the Food Court.
  • Please check-in at the volunteer desk in the hallway between all stores and get your name tag and apron and get a quick overview of what to expect. See store map for check -in location.
  • When you arrive, please let us know of any special needs or physical limitations as well as skills you might have such as typing or great organizational abilities.
  • All volunteers should wear comfortable clothing and bring a labeled meal or snack/water bottle as needed. Fridge space is limited and may not be available. Some volunteers also like to bring hand sanitizer.
  • Restrooms are located in hallway near Girls, in the detag hallway across from Ladies/Jr's store, and in the Food Court.
  • At the end of your time, please check out to return your name tag and apron and indicate you have completed your shift.
  • All late night shift volunteers must exit together. Please do not try to exit through locked glass mall doors when the mall is closed.
  • Please keep cell phone usage to emergencies only while working your shift.
  • NOTE: The mall hallways are not well heated & cooled. Please dress appropriately! We make every effort to climate control where the mall has working facilities to do so!
Detaggers: Watching this video prior to working your shift should help you understand our de-tag process better. Thanks!


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