Consignor Information

What is a consignor?

A Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale consignor is YOU! If you have a minimum of 25 items (or fewer "high dollar" items totaling at least $75), then you have earned an "early shop" spot at our exclusive Consignor Sale!

Why choose to consign?

  • You can make LOTS of money! Most consignment shops pay moms less than half of an item's selling price. Those stores that buy your clothing outright pay far less, often only $1-$2 for a brand name outfit in great condition. Kids EveryWear conducts highly successful, well-advertised clothing and equipment sales and we pay consignors 65% of an item's selling price!
  • When you sell your items at a regular consignment shop, the majority is rejected due to space limitations and overstock in a particular size. Provided your items meet our high quality standards and are priced competitively, you are welcome to clean those closets out!
  • You will never see at a traditional consignment store the traffic that a Kids EveryWear sale attracts. We bring in thousands of shoppers in the space of 1-2 weeks and sell more than 75% of our inventory.
  • Buyers can see, smell and touch the items, unlike an internet auction.
  • We do the advertising for you!
  • Better yet, you won't wait weeks for payment, but will receive your check immediately following the sale!

"I can't believe you had checks ready when I picked up my unsold items!" JB

  • Don't hassle with the stress of running your own yard sale either- hours of pricing clothes only to be offered a quarter for each gorgeous, name brand piece. We've taken care of every detail - the advertising, the organization, even the climate-controlled indoor location! We've done it all for you AND you'll make a lot more money!

How do I become a consignor?

You must obtain a consignor code by completing the online consignor registration. You can then print your tag template from our website complete with your 4-DIGIT consignor code. Simply print multiple copies of your unique tag template onto 8 1/2 by 11 inch CARD STOCK (available at all office suppliers) on your own PC printer OR take a single master copy of your tag template to CopyMax, Staples, Kinkos, etc. to be copied onto CARD STOCK. This is typically heavy 67 lb paper. Please do not use regular 24 lb paper as tags will tear and fall off!

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! We require specific colors of card stock according to your 4 digit codes! (These make sorting unsold items a much faster process, requiring far fewer volunteers!) Please see the Card stock Color List to determine what color card stock you will need OR just check your consignor registration confirmation page or confirmation email AFTER you have registered. Your code AND card stock color are both listed if you checked the checkbox indicating that you want to consign when you registered. If your confirmation subject line does not say You are registered as a consignor, please register again and look for the checkbox to indicate that you'd like to consign. If you want to donate any items which don't sell, tag them with WHITE card stock so that we don't have to sort them at sale end. White tag consignors shop an hour earlier on Consignor Full Price Shopping Day too!

PLEASE read the ENTIRE consignor section thoroughly so that you are familiar with all consignor requirements. Pay particular attention to instructions on preparing merchandise and tagging items to ensure that you receive proper payment for items sold and maximize your profits! This is a large and busy sale so each participant must follow guidelines carefully for it to run smoothly.

NOTE: You need a pass to drop-off and to shop at our sale. This pass will print on your registration confirmation, including a pass for YOU to shop at the half price and for an unlimited number of your friends to shop at the Friends sale. Your name is on your pass. We will check you in by ID when you arrive at your appointed time to shop early. If you do not have this pass because you lost or did not receive the email, just register again and reprint it or save it on your phone. Your code will stay the same. Please do not email to request a pass to shop!

What if I have consigned with Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale before?

You must STILL register online for each sale because we need an accurate count of the number of consignors planning to participate in EACH sale for planning purposes. Your code will remain the same!

What if I have items tagged from another consignment sale?


Due to the huge possibility of duplicate codes as well as the general condition of items received in the past from other sales, we have come to the difficult decision to require that all items be tagged with Kids EveryWear tags and codes. We are VERY sorry, but we found that too many of these "leftovers" were not meeting the guidelines of our sale. We are very pleased with the increased quality of items since we made this decision and we think you will be too!

If your items are leftover from other sales (including ours), please evaluate their condition in light of Kids EveryWear guidelines and mark them down in price when re-tagging them to be sure they sell well! Please, please do not bring items that fail to meet Kids EveryWear quality/age standards! See Items Accepted for details.

I registered but cannot consign. How do I unregister?

Register again but this time type the word "unregister" where asked. Our consignor space is limited, so this frees up a spot for someone else. Thanks.

General Consignor Information

  • Consignors must complete online registration prior to EACH Kids EveryWear sale in which they plan to participate.
  • Your consignor code/card stock color will not change. You will be assigned the same code when registering for future Kids EveryWear sales.
  • Consignors keep 65% of the selling price of each item.
  • Consignors must bring a minimum of 25 items (or fewer "high dollar" items totaling at least $75).
  • Consignors may shop at the Consignor Sale which is scheduled after Volunteer Sales and before the public. If you would like to shop even earlier, we invite you to consider the many flexible volunteer options.
  • There is a $12 consignor fee that will be deducted from your earnings check to cover facility rental, advertising, additional racks, insurance, etc...
  • Consignors must read and accept conditions of consignor agreement upon registration.
  • Pay close attention to Items Accepted. Items which do not meet Kids EveryWear standards or are out of season will be removed from racks and left unsorted at sale's end. Please be considerate. Racks are very expensive and it is unfair to everyone when consignors cram them with sub-standard items. Please don't waste your time tagging items that will not sell. Look at each item as though you were buying it!
  • Attach tags like nobody's business. See Preparing Merchandise for tips on making sure your tags stay put!

Remember: You determine how much money you make by how many items you bring, how reasonably you price them, how you place them at drop-off, and most importantly by the quality of the merchandise you drop off!


Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale accepts:

  • Anything baby/children if not listed in the Items We Cannot Accept section below!
  • Infant equipment manufactured in the last five years or in like new condition. Please check the manufacture date prior to drop-off! Batteries must be included as needed!
  • Single DVD's priced at $2 or under. DVD sets may be priced higher.
  • Hangers priced at $1 or less for 10 hangers.
  • Consignors are responsible to check cribs, carseats, and all other infant items for recalls. See for up-to-date recall listing.
  • Like new, non drop-side cribs. Mattresses may be offered with crib but must be tagged "free with purchase of crib."
  • Non-expired car seats. Expiration dates are printed on manufacturer's label located on the side or back of the seat. Please write expiration date on the front of your car seat's tag for easy viewing! Here is a great explanation of where to find the expiration date.
  • Cloth & disposable diapers
  • Like-new shoes. No scuffed toes or dirty footprints. No winter boots in our Spring/Summer sale in February/March. No sandals or flip-flops in our Fall/Winter sale in August/September.
  • Quality children's clothing in excellent repair, manufactured in the last 3 years. Spring/Summer only in February/March sale. Fall/Winter only in August/September sale. Sizes 0-16. Sizes 12 through 16 must be trendy and manufactured in the last 2 years. We will be limiting brands to mall brands such as Old Navy, Justice, Abercrombie, Hollister and Gap which sell best in these larger sizes. If you have other brands that you are certain are trendy and will sell well, you may ask at Drop Off for approval to sell them.
  • Breast pumps & diaper pails - sanitized.
  • Toys in excellent condition. Batteries MUST be included as needed. Games, puzzles, etc. MUST include all pieces.
  • Juvenile/nursery furniture including cribs, changing tables, rockers, gliders, children’s dressers, and bunk beds as well as children’s bedroom sets. All items MUST be assembled to display well! No mattresses!
  • Outdoor play equipment including Little Tikes, Step 2, etc. that is clean and in good repair!
  • Parenting and children's books.
  • Scooters and PERFECT condition bikes - NO rust.
  • Ladies/Jr's and Houseware items (including maternity, non-maternity, housewares and home décor) See Ladies/Jr's page for items accepted and other details. Boutique Brands - Please hang these on the REGULAR CLOTHING RACKS by size! On all Boutique brand items, please write the word "Boutique" in the top right corner of your tag and tie a 1/4” curling ribbon to your hanger at the top of the triangle going around the hook and triangle.
  • Pottery Barn and "boutique" bedding only. Nothing outdated! Price bedding very competitively/inexpensively. Folks tend to want new.
  • We can only accept socks and underwear if they are in like new condition and are grouped by gender and size such that the package is worth at least $1.
  • LIKE NEW CURRENT STYLES Men's sizes following brands ONLY Hollister, GAP, Old Navy, American Eagle, Abercrombie, Aeropostale, Polo, and Under Armour. We do NOT have a market for non-teens; please keep your business attire and other brands at home! Thanks!

Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale cannot accept:

  • For our Spring/Summer sale held in February/March, please don't bring winter coats, winter sweaters, corduroys, winter boots (rain boots are ok), turtlenecks, velvet, flannel, fleece, thermal, wool, sweatshirts/sweatpants, Halloween/Christmas items, and similar items that are clearly intended for cold weather. Spring weight jackets, long pants and lightweight long sleeves will be accepted only if they can be worn on a TYPICAL day April-August! Lightweight footed pjs for infants are fine!
  • For our Fall/Winter sale held in August/September, please don't bring sandals, flip flops, sleeveless items, bathing suits, shorts, or short sleeves unless items are designed for Halloween, Valentine's Day or Christmas. Due to space limitations, we must restrict short sleeves to pj's w/ long pants, shirts with collars and only those short sleeve t-shirts that have logos specific to fall/winter (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, reindeer, snowmen, etc.). Short sleeve garments of winter weight fabrics (velvet, velour, sweaters) and short sleeve shirts that are OBVIOUS components of matched sets with long pants or winter weight skirts, etc. are also fine. If item could best be worn in spring/summer, please wait and bring it then! Exception for big boy sizes 7 and up: Brand name logo short sleeved tees ARE accepted in this size range.
  • Recalled items including drop-side cribs. Please see
  • Men's clothing brands NOT listed above.
  • Items which do not meet the standard lead limits, phthalates standards and toy standards.
  • Mattresses of any kind. Mattresses may be offered with crib but must be tagged "free with purchase of crib."
  • VHS tapes
  • DVD's if priced above $2
  • Hangers if priced above $1 per 12 hangers
  • Out of date clothing
  • Baby equipment manufactured longer than five years ago unless in PERFECT CONDITION
  • Car seats that have been involved in a car accident or have passed their expiration date
  • Handmade clothing
  • Screen print tees (GAP, Old Navy, TCP, etc. okay! Not advertising tees such as YMCA tees or those from your last vacation spot!)
  • Stuffed animals - Please limit stuffed animals to battery operated varieties like Tickle Me Elmo, etc... Build-a-Bear or Webkins with a code still attached are fine!
  • Items with stains, broken snaps or zippers, missing parts, etc. Please study front and back of items carefully.
  • Dirty baby or play equipment
  • X-rated movies (R ratings must be displayed in Housewares only!)
  • Shoes which are not like new. No scuffed toes and foot prints please!
  • Undergarments which are not like new

Kids EveryWear reserves the right to remove items that clearly do not meet these standards and leave them unsorted at sale end. PLEASE, be respectful of others and do not slip unacceptable items into the sale. It is a waste of your time as they will not sell, a waste of our shoppers' time as they have to plow through it, and is unfair to the vast majority of our consignors who faithfully follow the guidelines! We strive to make this a wonderful selling and shopping experience for ALL!


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