Late Drop-off

  • At Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale, Late Drop-off for consignors is during your designated full price shopping time only. No late drop-offs are allowed after that day.
  • Check-in sheets will no longer be available, so be sure to bring your confirmation email and show it to Gail.

Items brought in during selling times must be shown to Gail or Beth before putting them out on the selling floor.

  • We will turn away any items which do not meet the strict requirements listed on our Items Accepted page.
  • Please find one of these ladies near checkout and ask them to check your late drop-off items.
  • We request you white tag and use black ink if you are using Late Drop-Off.

Cardstock Color List

Note:  If your code begins with a 1, 3, 4, or 7, and you use your assigned color paper (not white paper) you may need to write the word "red" or the word "green" beside your price if you use red or green ink for full price only or half off only so that shoppers can tell what color ink you have used. Thanks. Feel free to use LIGHT PINK instead of RED PAPER for code 3000's.

Why do we assign cardstock colors? It helps us sort the unsold items at the end of the sale much more quickly. You will be able to find your sorted unsold items more quickly at pickup as well. 

Any weight heavier than 65 lb paper is allowed!



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