Top Ten Tagging Blunders for Consignors to Avoid at Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale

  • #10: Fear of black ink. The truth really is that half of our items sell in the first weekend to volunteers and consignors! Truckloads more sell in the first two public days. If you price in black (or green if you're squeamish), the only things that will get discounted are slightly overpriced to begin with or items you probably don't want back in the first place. Gail and Beth run the sale and they rarely price in red.
  • #9: Hanging in the wrong place at drop-off. It really doesn't matter how adorable your pink gingham toddler dress is if spends the sale mixed up in the size 8 football jerseys. Yes, Kids EveryWEAR does a fantastic job organizing, but the more mistakes you make in placing your goodies, the more mistakes we make. Two laws: hang to the right of the size sign as you face the rack and SIZE UP!!! That means a tag that says 6-9 months belongs on the 9 month rack, for example.
  • #8: High prices. Be competitive. You're going to buy shirts for 2-4 bucks each so pass along the favor. If you get too proud your items will get passed over by the initial rush of customers. Speaking of prices, there is a reason for the .00 on the tags. Please use whole dollar increments.
  • #7: Thin paper for tags instead of cardstock. I know times are tight, but if you pinch pennies here, your tags will fall off and then you won't make a dime. Shoe tags fall off especially easily because of the weight of the shoes. One good tip is to put clear packing tape on the top corner of the tag for shoes before you hole punch.
  • #6: Lame descriptions. Speaking of not making a dime, how can a tag that says "shirt" ever get matched back up with its hot pink Abercrombie polo partner? We do not sell items without tags, but we do make every effort to match tags back up with tagless items. Further, a detailed description that reads "5 pair pink training pants - do not smell" does not exactly help sell the item. (True story!)
  • #5: Wrong season. Spring and summer in North Carolina, not the North Pole. We'll pull it. It won't sell and it will put you on our "bad list." We love to buy ahead, but there's just not enough room for out of season items. Sorry.
  • #4: Outdated. Kids EveryWear consignors are known for their great quality and current styles, but every sale there are a few items I pull off the racks that I promise you I myself wore to grade school.
  • #3: No price. We will make one up, but our policy is always to find in favor of the buyer, not the seller when a price is omitted. This happens lots! Many consignors intend to check out the competition and then forget to ever mark a price.
  • #2: Parts and pieces. Work in toys for five minutes and you'll be a believer! That bin of Legos will get dumped in the Dora bin if you don't securely tape the lid! Also, multi-pieced clothing sets should be secured together with a safety pin or cable tie.
  • #1: Tagging the hanger. I don't care if you're Bill Gates, four bucks is a lot of money for a hanger. Clothes come off, so please tag the item, not the hanger!!!! Ditto on zip-loc bags (unless you seal the bag tightly with packing tape.) Speaking of hangers, be sure to watch our video about hanging pants too. If they flop together on the hanger, they won't sell. Be sure they stay flat and look great. Merchandising is where it's at!


Consignor Shopping

While consignor shopping times at Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale are wonderful opportunities to shop in advance of the general public, we strongly encourage you and your friends to take advantage of our even earlier Volunteer Shopping, by registering to work one or more of our numerous, flexible volunteer shifts. We are VERY aware that all moms are super busy, so we have made every effort to offer a myriad of volunteer opportunities. In addition to traditional sale shifts, there are a limited number of opportunities to work from home or to barter goods and/or services in exchange for an early shop pass! We'll even allow you to send your hubby or child's grandparent in your stead! So... if shopping super early through an AMAZING selection of bargains appeals to you, we recommend you take a glance at the Volunteer Opportunities and Bartering sections!


Consignors who use all white tags to designate that they will donate their unsold items at sale end may shop on Sunday, September 9, 1pm-7pm, which is one hour earlier than all other consignors. At drop-off, before putting out your items, show us your tags and ask for your early shopping pass and tax donation receipt at the check-in tables! Don't forget to also highlight your information on the check-in sheets. Thanks for donating!

*White tag consignors are welcome to tag a few special or high dollar items they'd prefer to hang onto with colored cardstock. So long as you tag the majority of your items in white, you enjoy all the privileges of White Tag Consignors!

*Also, please note friends cannot shop with you during any consignor shop dates. Your friends may only shop early at our Friends Sale (details below).


Consignors who use color-coded tags are entitled to shop at our exclusive Consignor Sale on Sunday, September 9, 2pm-7pm.


Shop early for 50% off on Saturday, September 15, 10am-8pm and for 75% off on Sunday, September 16, 1pm-7pm.

  • Please bring the pass that prints on your online registration to our sale! ID required to shop early! If you lose this pass or do not get the registration confirmation email, you may check in with your ID! Please do not email requesting a pass.


An unlimited number of your FRIENDS may shop before the general public at our Friends Sale:

  • Early for full price on Monday, September 10, 1pm-8pm
  • All Friends MUST go to the check-in area at the mall entrance facing Airport Blvd with the blue Outlets Morrisville sign to show their pass/tell your name to get a wristband to gain entrance to all stores.
  • Due to weekend scheduling issues, friends will not be entitled to early shopping for discount days

Note for Friends: Everyone is invited to attend our Shop for a Cause charity event on Monday, September 10, 10am-8pm with a donation in hand! See Shop for a Cause page for details.


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