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Free Vendor Display


We offer free vendor table spots to companies willing to direct hallway traffic while covering your table display in a high visibility location.

We have LulaRoe Clothing all day on Feb 1 and Feb 7 as a paid vendor.

We have Jamberry vendors already scheduled throughout the sale.

We have Usborne Books:

Monday 2/9, 930-2pm

We have Doterra:

Sun 2/8, 1230pm-7pm  

Sat 2/7, 530pm-10pm

Sat 2/7, 130pm-6pm

Sat 2/7, 930am-2pm

Sun 2/1, 1230pm-7pm  

Sat 1/31, 130pm-6pm

Sat 1/31, 930am-2pm

Little Bee Birth Partner

Sat 2/7, 130pm-6pm

Spanish for Fun

Sat 1/31, 930am-2pm

The Gretchen Collection

Mon 2/2, 930am-2pm

Tues 2/10, 930am-2pm

Tues 2/10, 130pm-6pm


Mon 2/2, 930am-2pm

Sat 2/7, 930am-2pm

Thirty-One Gifts

Sat 1/31, 430pm-9pm

Mon 2/2, 530pm-10pm

Sat 2/7, 930am-2pm

Sun 2/1, 1230pm-7pm

Mon 2/2, 930am-2pm

Sat 2/7, 130pm-6pm


Throughout the entire sale.

AYA Student Exchange Program

Sat 1/31 930-2pm

Mon 2/2 530-10pm

Sat 2/7 130-6pm and 530-10pm

  • We provide the table. You provide the tablecloth/display items.
    This spot is for someone able to man your booth and direct Kids EveryWear traffic during sale hours.
  • We are relying on you to fulfill your slot. Please DO NOT sign up for a volunteer vendor position if you cannot fill it! Your team members may share your commitment, but you each need to sign up for the slots you will be covering under your own name.
  • If you are unable to divert attention to consignment shoppers throughout the sale, then this option is not for you.
  • You may man the door during drop-off and pick-up if you'd like; it would involve answering questions about where things go in the storefronts, so would require your getting acquainted with the stores or having been a previous consignor or shopper. It will be beneficial but very busy!
  • On the sale days to volunteers and consignors and the Shop for a Cause Event, you'd be checking people in by their passes and ID's so would be able to hand out something and talk to every person. They are eager to shop, but before the doors open they wait in line and like to browse.
  • We strongly recommend that you offer a prize raffle to build your mailing list and offer samples and handouts to anyone interested!

Do I have to commit to being there throughout the whole sale if I choose this option? No, you can choose to man the door at any times you arrange with us.

What do I need to do if I would like to have the free display and man the door for you?

  • View available slots here to see which ones work for you. Remember, they change as people select them.
  • Contact us to verify that your company/product is not already represented at those times.We'll need your company name, type of product offered, and a list of slots you might like. (If there are additional times when we are open that you might also like to do a door both, but no door slots are available, let us know this as well. We can sometimes allow you to do a door booth at other times than the ones left on the volunteer list.)
  • We will try to post on THIS PAGE which slots are taken by which companies also. But be sure to contact us before taking slots in case this page has not been updated since another vendor may have taken a door spot and might represent the same company as you.
  • Then register as a volunteer and choose the door slots that work for you.
  • These slots are labeled "Vendor or Door position for those willing to sit (or stand) and man the door-if you have physical limitations it is a great slot for you!"
  • Forward your confirmation email to us and again state the company that you are with and that you would like to do the free vendor display while doing the door slot, but include the confirmation email information showing which slots you will be manning.
  • We provide a high visibility space approximately 6' x 8'. You provide your own display set-up: table, chair(s), product display, freebies, etc.
  • Park in the lot facing Airport Blvd. and enter at the blue Outlets Morrisville sign and see Gail Walker at the checkout in the intersection of the hallways or Beth Pendola in TOYS store for information to set up.
  • The initial 30 mins of the 4-1/2 hr slots is for you to set-up. No need to come earlier!

It is very important if you choose this option that you do show up for any slots you commit to through our volunteer registration for door slots! Please do not commit to this position unless you are certain you can make it to every slot you register for!

NOTE: Because you are volunteering on our behalf, you also get a pass to shop at the volunteer sale! Your pass shopping time will depend on how many slots you are able to do. Take one 4-hour door slot and shop at 3pm, take two 4-hour door slots and shop at 1pm, or take three 4-hour door slots and shop at 10 am!

"Working the door at drop off and throughout the sale at Kids Everywear is great for us! We get excellent exposure to families along with the advantage of the mall shoppers. The best part is being able to talk with people as they bring items in and help with questions. They are then more interested in stopping by when they are done to see what you are advertising. Not only do we enjoy this, but we also have seen excellent business come from it!" -Jen Benoit – Tutor Doctor

Advertising Opportunities

We're GROWING! - You Can Too!
Do you have a family-friendly business (large or small) that could benefit from DIRECT advertising and/or sales to more than 15,000 families?

Consider how the following KIDS EVERYWEAR marketing opportunities might BUILD YOUR BUSINESS!

Special Package Pricing applies with purchase of 2 or more advertising venues.

See our complete Event Schedule here.

Over 15,000 eager sale participants can view your logo in the border of the next KIDS EVERYWEAR "Registration Is NOW Open" e-mail announcement and all subsequent emails prior to the sale. Your logo will be linked to open a new web window with your web page. Remember, Kids EveryWear does not send unsolicited SPAM. Every member on our mailing list has personally requested advanced notification of sale dates! The cost for e-mail advertisement is only $50 and your ad will be included in at least 10 emails we send prior to the sale! Please email a 125 x 125 pixel jpg LOGO and the url you would like it linked to. See below for deadline and payment details.

We will place your full-color ad on our website's "Our Sponsors" page as well as on the page of your choice that still has an available sponsor spot.
The fee for web advertisement is just $50! Note that we do not offer design services. Please email a 468 x 60 or 750x90 pixel jpg ad and the url you would like it linked to. See below for deadline and payment details.

Combine the 2 services detailed above for just $75, a savings of $25! Note: If you barter your product for these two options, the barter value must be $100, not the discounted rate.

Picture your logo on Kids EveryWear's direct-mail postcard in the hands of more than 15,000 folks who eagerly await the announcement of the area's premier consignment extravaganza! For $250 you get this visibility PLUS the email advertisement and web sponsorship detailed above! See below for deadline and payment details.

Details here.

Market your products and/or services directly to all of the Kids EveryWear shoppers during 7 high-traffic days of the consignment event! Cost for display space is only $150! (If you have another business with which you would like to share a table, the cost is $85 each.)

Your team may work your table. You don't have to be the one to work it every day.

Here's how it works: We provide a high visibility space approximately 6' x 8'. You provide your own display set-up: table, chair(s), product display, freebies, etc. Paying vendors will be allowed to set up in the halls of the mall near where folks are checking out, from Saturday, January 31, at 10am through the end of the sale on Tuesday, February 10 at 9pm. Park in the lot facing Airport Blvd. and enter at the blue Outlets Morrisville sign and see Gail Walker at the checkout in the intersection of the hallways or Beth Pendola in TOYS store for information to set up. We strongly recommend that you offer a prize raffle to build your mailing list and offer samples and handouts to anyone interested!

Vendors are allowed January 31-February 2 and February 7-10, closed February 3-6.

See complete Event Schedule using the Shopper menu of the website for more details.

DAILY RATES NOW AVAILABLE: Set-up your booth for one or more days between January 31-February 2 and/or February 7-10, or during drop-off or pick-up for $50 per day. Email to hold your space. Payment can be mailed or paid when you set up your booth.

Whether or not you man your booth during all, part or none of the week is entirely up to you; however, Kids EveryWear cannot be held responsible for your items. Therefore, depending on your security needs, you are welcome to dismantle any part of your display at any time during the event. On-site sale of vendor merchandise is allowed, but you must personally manage all transactions independent of Kids EveryWear.

Vendor spaces are limited! Please send in your request and payment quickly to guarantee your spot! Payment must be received before the volunteer sale day if you would like to receive passes to shop early. Upon requesting a booth, please let us know what product or company you represent. Should more than one request be made for a specific company, booth availability will be on a first-come, first-served basis according to payment receipt, not email request. You may wish to indicate whether or not you would be interested in sharing a booth with another representative of the same company in the event that we receive duplicate requests. See below for deadline and payment details.

Email advertisement, Web Page Sponsorship, Postcard Sponsorship AND an On-Site Vendor Booth! The whole enchilada only $350!

Bring a labeled box of 100 tri-fold sized flyers and a holder labeled with your name and company name to our sale drop-off or the first shopping day and place them at the checkout counter. (See sale schedule below for dates.) Similar sized flyers are acceptable as long as you supply the appropriate holder. Shoppers study our assortment of flyers and take their pick. Only $50! We will replenish the holder as needed. Please label the bottom of your holder and plan to pick it up on the final day of the sale in the late afternoon or evening, or during Sort. All holders and extra flyers not picked up at this time will be discarded. See below for deadline and payment details. Note: We do not think this is an effective means of marketing, but if you are convinced it has worked for you and want to go this route, feel free!

E-mail with your company information, phone number, email logo and url, web page ad copy jpg and url, postcard logo (jpg format) and/or request for on-site vendor space. This is all of the information we will need; there is not an application to be completed.
• Email logo - must be received by November 29 to be included in first email but can be included in all subsequent emails from any time you are able to send your logo until the close of the sale.
• Website Ad jpg should be received by November 29 or as soon as possible thereafter. If you mail it later, fewer people will see it, but you are welcome to send it later if you miss this deadline.
• On-site Vendor Booth Requests should be made by January 28. If you fail to mail payment before January 19, please bring payment to booth set-up.

Checks made out to Kids EveryWear accepted. Payment made out to Kids EveryWear should be mailed by January 19 to:

Gail Walker, 8104 Grahamson Lane, Charlotte, NC 28269

We will email a confirmation of your payment receipt with your shopping pass information and set-up time within a week of receiving payment. We do not mail a packet of information, only this email.

We do reserve the right to exclude any ads due to space limitations or dramatic conflict of interest.
Extra BONUS preview sale passes will be given as follows:
• For an email or web advertisement, you will receive 1 – 4 hour (regular) volunteer pass.
• For an email and web commitment, you will receive 1 – 8 hour (super) volunteer pass.
• For a $150 and above commitment, you will receive 1 – 12 hour (super duper) volunteer pass.
Once we have received your payment, we will email you a link to your pass online. Shoppers will check in to the sale with ID and this pass.

*FYI: We cannot allow earlier vendor set-up due to space limitations at our current location.


Please consider giving the following family-friendly businesses and vendors your business! Click each image to go directly to their web page.


Kate Carboneau Photography - Baby and Newborn Photography



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