Top Ten Tagging Blunders to Avoid

#1: No description

Our tags require you to enter the prices and your discount choice online. For our Boutique Bash, we are requiring that you also type a thorough description online, tape the corner of your tag before hole punching, and have a minimum price of $5. If you are taping the tag to an item, do not cover the QR code with packing tape!

Remember:  If you want to change your price or discount choice or description, you must create a new tag for your item. You can not alter the price or discount choice with a pen!


#2: Not checking our Boutique Brands Chart

Please refer to our Boutique Brands Chart for the Boutique Bash. Do not bring brands we have not approved. Email us to ask us to consider approving other brands.

 #3: Tagging the hanger

I don't care if you're Bill Gates, $4 is a lot of money for a hanger. Clothes will fall off the hanger, so please tag the item, not the hanger!!! Speaking of hangers, be sure to check our instructions about hanging pants too. If they flop together on the hanger, they won't sell. Be sure they stay flat and look great. Merchandising is where it's at.

tagged hanger example pants 

#4: Parts and pieces not securely packaged

Work in toys for five minutes and you'll be a believer! That bin of Legos will get dumped in the Dora bin if you don't securely tape the lid! Also, multi-pieced clothing sets, on separate hangers, should be secured together with a cable tie.

#5: Safety pin or tag gun through the fabric

Please use pins or tag guns only through seams to avoid creating holes in items. Zip ties are BEST for security and fabric, use them if at all possible.

#6: Thin paper for tags instead of cardstock 

We require that you print your tags on 65 or 67 lb cardstock, not regular-weight paper. Shoe tags, especially, fall off easily because of the weight and handling of the shoes. Put clear packing tape on the top corner of all tags before you hole punch and consider putting two layers on shoe tags.  Do NOT hole punch close to the edge! Please do not cover the QR code with tape.

#7: High prices

Be competitive; don't overprice. Ask yourself what you'd be willing to pay at a consignment sale for this item.

#8: Fear of discounts

The truth really is that half of our items sell to BB Crew and consignors at full price! Truckloads more sell at full price to the public. If you price to allow a discount, the only things that will get discounted are slightly overpriced to begin with or items you probably don't want back in the first place.

#9: Attaching clothing to the hanger 

Do not zip-tie clothing or your tag to the hanger! Only attach the tag to the item so shoppers can try on your items.

#10: Hanging in the wrong place at Drop-off 

It really doesn't matter how adorable your pink toddler dress is if it spends the sale mixed up in the size 8 boys clothing. Yes, Kids EveryWEAR does a fantastic job organizing, but the more mistakes you or your helpers make when placing your goodies, the less chance you have of selling them. Two rules: Hang to the right of the size sign as you face the rack and size up! That means a tag that says 6-9 months belongs on the 9-month rack. There is an additional $10 fee if we find that you have ten or more clothing items we must correct or that we have to pull because they are unacceptable for any reason.

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Now you are ready to print your tags and start tagging!