Late Drop-off for Kids EveryWEAR

Late drop-off is during your designated shopping time written on your confirmation email. Want to bring them sooner? Join the KE Crew and bring them at your KE Crew shopping time! If you are not part of the KE Crew, bring them on our Consignor shopping day, Sunday, September 10, 3pm-7pm for Color Tag Consignors or 2pm-7pm for White Tag Consignors. If you can't make it during your shopping time, come to Restock Drop-off, but you must follow the Restock Restrictions in order to bring any items after Consignor Shopping Day.

Restock Drop-off for Kids EveryWEAR

Friday, September 15, 10am-7pm is our Restock time. Let's get this place RESTOCKED before the public shops!

Items Accepted & Tag/Discount Information

At Restock, we accept anything & everything on our Items Accepted List.

We would LOVE your LARGE EQUIPMENT & TOYS - You may use colored tags and any discount choice on equipment, housewares, toys as well as any Roll-over items accepted at the EverythingELSE Sale!

Outdoor play houses, play kitchens, swings, cribs, cozy coupes, bikes, tricycles, pack 'n plays, wagons, play gyms, did I say cozy coupes???
They sell like hotcakes & you earn the BIG BUCKS fast.
One tag. Big Bucks!

Restock Restrictions

All restock children's clothing items, children's clothing accessories, and children's shoes must be priced with white tags and black max 75% off discount.

We are accepting clothing, shoes, and accessories (NO stained or off-season items, please check Items Accepted for details about the season, etc.) but ALL CLOTHING must be white tag and black max 75% off discount.

New Consignors

Register to consign, read the consignor pages for details especially the How to Tag and Print Tag pages, and enter price and discount on our website to print tags on white 65 or 67 lb card stock & black ink for clothing and items priced under $15, or colored or white tag, red or green or black ink for all other items as listed above & bring your items! BUT, you MUST print your consignor confirmation email & show it to Gail at Restock OR SHOW IT TO US ON YOUR PHONE so that you can get paid your sale earnings at the sale end.