Kids EveryWEAR Crew Schedule

Marathoner Crew
(10) regular or 7 [S] super shifts
Friday, Mar 3, 12pm-8pm

Diehard Crew
(6) regular or 5 [S] super shifts
Friday, Mar 3, 12pm-8pm

Super Duper Crew
(3) regular shifts OR (2) [S] super shifts
Saturday, Mar 4, 10am-7pm

Super Crew
(2) regular shifts OR 1 [S] super shift
Saturday, Mar 4, 12pm-7pm

Regular Crew & Platinum Ticket
(1) regular shift or $50 ticket. Get your Platinum Ticket here.
Saturday, Mar 4, 2pm-7pm

The Crew shops early for Discount Day too!

Crew & Platinum Ticket & Silver Ticket 50% off Clearance
Sun, Mar 12, 2pm-7pm & Fri, Mar 17, 10am-7pm

Crew & Platinum Ticket & Silver Ticket 75% off Clearance
Saturday, Mar 18, 10am-7pm & Sun, Mar 19, 2pm-7pm

On Special Presale Shopping Dates:

  • Your parents/grandparents/spouse/children can shop with you or in your stead but please only bring someone with you if absolutely necessary due to social distancing requirements. We understand that you may need to bring parents or children. See note below about bringing children.
  • Friends or siblings must register as KE Crew or Consignors to earn early shopping privileges OR shop at one of our ticketed Presale Event options.

Once you know when to shop, be sure you know where to park!

KE Crew Friends shop early too!

Ask your friends to get a FREE ticket to our Friends Sale(Tickets become available February 1.)