Recent Changes to the Boutique Bash

  • Consignors can have spouse/partner, children, parents, -OR- 1 friend on all days they are able to shop. This is only for BoutiqueBash & Everything Else Sales and does not include Kids EveryWEAR. Crew are not allowed to bring a friend. If Consignors are bringing a friend, they can't bring family.
  • Add curling ribbon to the tops of all children's clothing hangers such that it isn't just around the hanger neck and can't slide up and off the hanger. Watch this video for a quick visual how to. Write "Boutique" on top of the tag.
  • We accept jewelry at the BoutiqueBASH. Jewelry must be in excellent condition current or classic style and not costume jewelry. No mall brands unless the clothing brand is on the accepted list (JCrew, Anthro brands, Pandora, Brighton, Ann Koplick, Origami Owl ... are accepted) and No MLM brands (Avon, Paparazzi, Premier Design).
    Jewelry is displayed hanging from hooks so should have a zip tie for hanging. Some jewelry lies on tables. Higher value jewelry can be zip tied directly to our high-end secure racks.
    Attach jewelry to cardboard or the original earring plastic if you have it. Insert into baggy. For higher-value jewelry, we recommend covering the package with packing tape so the bag can't be ripped open. Zip tie the tag directly to jewelry when possible, so the tag can't be removed. Otherwise hole punch the plastic or cardboard and zip tie the tag through hole.
  • NO LIMITS for adult clothing for BB. Adult clothing must be manufactured in the last 3 years and on our Brands Accepted list. Be sure men's clothing is CASUAL athleisure  - nothing you'd wear with dress slacks!
  • Attach the Duplicate Tag (a separate option on our Print Tag page) to the 2nd piece of clothing sets since folks try on items and a duplicate tag helps us get pieces back together. Duplicate tags need descriptions but no price.
  • Boutique Bash Drop 'n Go consignors earn 65% and pay only a $10 Drop 'n Go fee upfront, or $20 if you want us to pick up your items and put them out. That's right! For just $10, we put out your items for you! You earn 65% - NO CHANGE IN EARNINGS! Or $20 and we pick up and put out your items for BB!
  • A pickup service!! $10 added to your Drop 'n Go or We Tag fee to pick up your items from your house or work location!
  • We do not allow anyone to enter the event for Drop-off, Pickup, or shopping with purses, diaper bags, or backpacks. Small wallets or belt bags are allowed.
  • Our Boutique Bash features only items on our Brands Accepted Chart. If your item is not listed, please email for approval and provide a link to the brand on the Nordstrom website. If the item is not sold at Nordstrom, provide a link to the brand at another store. We do not accept brands sold at typical big box stores or department stores. The Brands Accepted Chart is in progress and we are open to suggestions!