Seller's Report

At the end of the sale, if you would like to know what you sold, you can receive a copy of your seller's report for a $5 fee.

We've changed our system. We DO NOT accept Venmo or Paypal.

Buy your reports for each sale separately here.

If you do not pay for a Seller's Report, you will just receive a check.

Is it ever too late to order a Seller's Report?

If you would like to receive a Seller's Report before Pickup, you must pay more than 48 hours before Pickup. Reports paid for within 48 hours of Pickup may not be sent until after Pickup although we try hard to send them before. You may order a report anytime before or during the event or after EE until registration for the next season has begun. Once a new season has started, we no longer provide reports for the previous event.

When do we send the Seller's Report?

We will send your report the night before Pickup or the morning of Pickup if we receive payment two days or more before Pickup.

Why do we charge for the Seller's Report?

Because many people don't require a Seller Report, we charge a separate fee for the Seller Report.

What Is Listed on Your Seller's Report

Here is an example of the information included in the Seller's Report. The Seller's Report will be an Excel file (.xls).

code price disc brand description color itemsize pieces total
7181 6 black Columbia  Fleece jacket Pink 7 1 6
7181 5 black Radio Flyer Toy Wagon     1 5

If you type your descriptions in our Print Tags page, your typed tag descriptions will be on your report. If you do not enter your descriptions online, no descriptions will be on your report. Your Seller's Report will NOT include items you tagged that did not sell. We do not retain a record of what tags you print, only of what tags we scan at the sale. You can keep copies of your PDFs if you'd like to know what you tagged. It also will show your final check amount. Your check is 65% of your total sales minus your consignor fee which is $20 for the EverythingELSE Sale.

Why Do Some of My Typed Descriptions Not Appear on My Report

If we have to hand key a tag because it does not scan, we do not hand key the description. So some lines may not contain descriptions. This is why. Thank you for your understanding. We are sorry if you had multiple items at the same price and can't tell which item(s) sold. Please be sure your QR code is not covered by tape and is not fuzzy.

Why Does My Report List a Fine

If you brought 5+ unacceptable items, your fine deducted from your check is listed on your Seller Report.