Seller's Report

At the end of the sale, if you would like to know what you sold, you can receive a copy of your seller's report for a $5 fee (Paypal it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as gift to friend option and ask for your seller's report. (If you do not pay for a Seller's Report, you will just receive a check.) Be certain to include your name, your email, and your consignor code and say that you are asking for a seller's report! To avoid unnecessary PayPal fees, make sure PayPal is linked to your bank account, and do NOT select “Paying for goods or services?” when sending your payment.)

When do we send the Seller's Report?

We will send your report before Pickup. If we have them ready in time, they will be sent out two days before Pickup.

Why do we charge for the Seller's Report?

For the first two days of consignor registration, you can register to consign for a fee of only $15 that allows you to sell at both events! (A $10 fee is deducted from your final check for KE and a $5 fee is deducted from your final check for EE if you register for KE and EE during the Early bird time.) This allows consignors the opportunity to register for our two back-to-back sales for the price of one, essentially making registration for the second event free! After that, our fee is just $15 for Kids EveryWEAR and $5 for the EverythingELSE Sale. So our fee is kept super low! For this reason and because many people don't require a Seller Report, we charge for the Seller Report. We try to meet your needs at the lowest cost possible! So register fast for each event!

What Is Listed on Your Seller's Report

Here is an example of the information included in the Seller's Report. The Seller's Report will be an Excel file (.xls).

code price disc brand description color itemsize pieces total
7181 6 black Columbia  Fleece jacket Pink 7 1 6
7181 5 black Radio Flyer Toy Wagon     1 5

You have to include descriptions online to have the system generate the tags with your descriptions on them, or your seller's report will only include a list of the prices at which your items sold, not their descriptions. Your sellers report will NOT include items you tagged but did not sell. We do not retain a record of what tags you print, only of what tags we scan at the sale. You can keep copies of your pdf's if you'd like to know what you tagged. It also will not show your final check amount, only total sales. Your check is 65% of your total sales minus your consignor fee which is $15 for Kids EveryWEAR and $5 for EverythingELSE.

Additionally, if we have to hand key a tag because it does not scan, we do not hand key the description. So some lines may not contain descriptions. This is why. Thank you for your understanding.


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