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Join the Crew & get first dibs! Plus first dibs on discount days too! The more you help the Crew, the earlier you shop! See Crew slots and register here. No way you can join the Crew? You’ve got a few more options!

If you can't do Crew, we require tickets for crowd control!

* Your spouse, parents, parents-in-law, & children get in on your 1 ticket

  • A separate ticket is required for Full Price, 50% off, and 75% off, so snag one for full price day and a separate one for 50% off day and a separate one for 75% off day (Platinum and Sapphire tickets get you in on all three days and repeat shopping every day we are open!)
  • After your full-price day, feel free to return on any other full-price days!
  • The Sapphire and Platinum Tickets get you in for Full Price, 50% off AND 75% off!
  • The Gold Ticket only gets you in early for Full Price Day.
  • The Silver Ticket gets you in early on 50% off Day AND 75% off day!
  • We have $5 and free tickets too, but you'll need one for each day you want to shop if you choose the $5 or free options.

Tickets become available October 2, 8pm. Get your tickets here.

Our Text Club allows all Text Club members to shop full price on our 2nd weekend before the public by showing any text from our Text Club at the Text Club day and time shown below!

Join our Text Club to get reminders and early ticket access!

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Here's Consignor Shopping times.

Find out more about consigning here.
Consignors do not need a ticket to shop at Consignor times but can purchase a ticket to shop earlier.

consignor schedule