What's New for Our Consignors

Each sale we try to find ways to make our sale better for everyone: our consignors, our shoppers, & our great KE Crew! Thanks to all who give suggestions to make our sales great! The best way to make suggestions is on our Facebook Group for Consignors! We are looking for your VERY BEST like new items. In some categories, items must be new in the package.

*Remember, complete descriptions with the brand, color, item type, etc. that can match your item to its tag ARE REQUIRED. We will drop your payment to 55% if we find any of your items without descriptions.

Here are the changes made for Spring 2024:

  • No books will be accepted at Restock. Only bring books during normal Drop-offs or Consignor shopping day.

Here are the changes made for Spring 2022:

  • Yes to dress-up clothing (Doctors, Princesses...) but no to Halloween costumes at our Spring/Summer Sales.

Here are the changes made in Fall 2022:

  • Minimum clothing tag price of $2. 
  • Children's school embroidered uniforms and screen-printed local school spirit wear will be separated on round racks near team sports. NO items that have student names, years, or dated events are accepted at our sale.  Uniform clothing without school logos will go on the regular racks.
  • All sizes of Squishmellows (there are racks for the large ones) will be allowed, as well as small Flipazoo, Tsum Tsum, Webkins, Beanie Boos, and Beanie Babies. We are also allowing ONLY LICENSED Build-a-Bears and all Build-a-Bear accessories. No other stuffed animals will be allowed.
  • Yes to Halloween costumes in all sizes at KE and in adult sizes only at EverythingELSE Sale.
  • No Dolly Parton Imagination Library Books.

These changes were made in Fall 2021:

  • Maternity and nursing clothes/bras will only be allowed at the EverythingELSE Sale and must be season appropriate for a fall or winter day in NC. 
  • Swaddlers, sleep sacks, and magic sleepsuits will only be accepted at Kids EveryWEAR, not at the EverythingELSE Sale.
  • Yes to Halloween costumes in all sizes at KE and in adult sizes only at EverythingELSE Sale.
  • No generic stuffed animals. See Items Accepted for specific stuffed animals allowed.
  • No Teflon pans with scratches. Remember, all items should be nearly new!
  • No ladies' scarves will be accepted at KE or EE.
  • Only nursery room pictures with glass will be allowed at Kids EveryWEAR, no pictures with glass for other rooms. Canvas, wood, metal, or word art pictures will be allowed at both sales, no handmade or hand-painted items.

These changes were made in Spring 2021:

  • Maternity and nursing clothes/bras will only be allowed at the EverythingELSE Sale and must be season appropriate for a spring or summer day in NC. Maternity clothing must be limited to items worn during one pregnancy only - the best of your best.
  • Monogrammed items should have one initial or one name only and must be like new.
  • Children's backpacks will be accepted at KE, not at the EverythingELSE Sale.
  • No porcelain dolls. All other dolls must be like new with new-looking hair.
  • New in package or muslin baby blankets only like Aiden & Anais only; Like new muslin blankets should be hung on a hanger. No used blankets except muslin gently used blankets will be accepted.
  • We are limiting bedding. We will no longer accept crib quilts or crib comforters, only gently used crib or pack 'n play sheets plus gently used muslin blankets like Aiden & Anais. Brand new baby blankets of other types will also be allowed, but muslin baby blankets are the only blankets that can be gently used. These are allowed at both events.
  • Twin, Full, Queen, and King bedding may be gently used and is allowed only at the EverythingELSE Sale and need a clearly marked size on the tag.
  • We are limiting curtains. Like new children's curtains in current trendy styles purchased within last 3 years will be allowed at all sales. Mark tag with length x width and # of panels; hang on a hanger. Other curtains will only be allowed at the EverythingELSE Sale. Again, they must be like new current trendy styles. Mark tag with length x width and # of panels; hang on a hanger.
  • New baby bath towels and hooded towels are allowed at all sales. Like new towels will be allowed at the EverythingELSE Sale; Regular towels and beach towels must be like new as well and are only allowed at the EverythingELSE Sale.
  • Only nursery lamps will be allowed at Kids EveryWEAR. Like new current trendy lamps and chandeliers will all be allowed at the EverythingELSE Sale.
  • Artificial plants and flowers must be like-new, current, and will only be allowed at the EverythingELSE Sale.
  • Coffee mugs, disposable containers, cutting boards, cheeseboards, and garbage cans must be new. Dishes, glasses, and silverware must be like new. Water bottles must be new. No plastic cups will be allowed. Teflon pans may not have scratches.
  • Rugs must look new and be current and trendy. No stains or wear. They are only accepted at EverythingELSE. 
  • Office supplies, gift wrap, and stationery must be like new.
  • Liquids such as cleaners, perfumes, oils, lotions, etc must be new in a sealed package and not outdated.

Our Fall & Winter Sale in September is our regular Kids EveryWEAR Sale

Our regular Kids EveryWEAR Sale does not include adult clothing, adult shoes, adult accessories, purses, ladies' jewelry, or furniture. It features fall & winter children's clothing, books, homeschool, toys, baby equipment, housewares, shoes in all sizes, and so much more! Any items not accepted that are dropped off may be donated immediately and not returned at Pickup as we do not have space or manpower to manage them at Pickup. Please err on the side of not bringing questionable items. Please read the Items Accepted Chart carefully to help you know what to bring to each event. This thing is your go-to tool! Use control + F to search for any item on that chart! So easy!

Our Fall & Winter EverythingELSE Sale in October features all of this except kids' clothing and kids' shoes plus so much more --- EverythingELSE! 

It features fall & winter ladies' and men's adult and junior clothing including maternity and nursing wear, adult shoes, adult clothing accessories, children's toys, baby equipment, bikes, indoor and outdoor equipment, furniture, appliances, and housewares. You name it! But we won't be selling children's clothing or children's shoes at this special event! Having no kids' clothing or kids' shoes at this fabulous event gives us the room for furniture, appliances, and everything ELSE you can imagine.

Think Craigslist gone wild! The most epic indoor yard sale EVER! Facebook Marketplace on steroids. This is the most awesome sale! EverythingELSE - all in ONE PLACE!

Alternative Tagging Options

If you want to tag and price your items, but you just don't have the time to put out your items, we are now offering Drop 'N Go. If you don't have the time to tag or just don't have a clue about pricing, and you want the full-service option to get the most while you do the least, use our We Tag for You service! 

Rollover Option

Our awesome Rollover Option! Bringing items to our Kids EveryWEAR Sale that are allowed at our EverythingELSE Sale? No need to pick them up! They can stay right where they are for the next event! For this reason, we will only sort children's clothing, shoes, and accessories plus backpacks after our Kids EveryWEAR Sale. Everything else is left right where it is. Feel free to come to Pickup to get your check and any items that are not accepted at the next event. Items not accepted at the EverythingELSE event will be donated if not picked up by close on Pickup Day. The fee for EverythingELSE is $15 and is deducted from your check. If you have any items that roll over and sell, it is so worth it to bring tons more to the EverythingELSE Sale! Just $15 to sell at EE!

Important Things to Know

  • QR Tags as of June 2019. Superfast sticker and full-page pdf options available. We have a fast checkout system with QR codes that contain the price, code, and option description. Description can be handwritten, but the price and code must be entered online. We have never changed our tags before and hope to never do so again! 
  • Items Accepted Chart to help you know what to bring to each event. This thing is your go-to tool!
  • Selling large hard-to-move items or items priced above $25? We are making it better for you! At Drop-off, attach a “Large Item Claim Ticket” to them. See Drop-off for the details. These are only for hard-to-move items or items which need to be zip-tied directly to high-end racks for security.
  • Pricing Guidelines to help you with pricing.
  • Boutique items & High-end $25+ items like purses and baby wraps will be displayed on specially marked rounders to show them off!
  • Coats and ski bibs and Halloween costumes will be displayed on specially marked rounders at our Kids EveryWEAR event to make shopping easy!
  • We will pull and donate any VCR tapes and any adult-rated R or above DVDs dropped off. We will also pull and donate adult items dropped off at the Kids Sale. We do not take accept these and do not have the staff to sort and return them.
  • We will not be accepting adult-oriented books! No adult novels. No cookbooks. These will be donated.
  • If you are selling hangers, you must price them at $1 or under for 12 hangers.
  • If you bring a car seat, you must write the expiration date across the top of the tag with a thick red marker like this: EXP 10/28. You will be charged an additional $10 fee if you bring an expired car seat. We will destroy the expired car seat and not return it.
  • We will be charging a $10 fee per 10 items dropped off that are very clearly off-season, stained/torn, not on our Items Accepted Chart for the current event, or dropped off in the wrong gender or size. Please place your items correctly.

Most Asked Questions about Consigning

If I've sold with you in the past, should I register again?

Yes. Please register for each event so that your consignor spot is reserved for you, and so that you get a shopping pass. Your pass says SEPTEMBER if you are registered for Kids EveryWEAR and OCTOBER if you are registered for EverythingELSE.

If I have leftover items with QR code tags, do I need to retag them?

No. As long as you have the QR tags with the price and discount embedded in them, you can return tagged items to the next sale. We do, however, strongly recommend printing our QR stickers and reducing your price by $1 if the item didn't sell, and changing the discount choice from red to green or green to black on all returning items. This is a great pricing strategy for returning consignors!

Will my assigned code or tag color change?

<span">No. But be certain you throw away your old barcode tags from prior to 2019 before you start printing the new ones. We don't want you to tag with the old ones accidentally!

Where do I access and print tags?

When you register, you will receive a confirmation email. That email has the link to Print Tags. If you don't get the email, register again and save the final screen. There is a direct link to Print Tags in the Consignor menu and on the right menu of every page of our website as well.

When I am attaching tags to toys or Ziploc bags, etc., can I cover the QR code with packing tape?

No! Please do not cover the QR code with tape! It will not scan properly.

Do I pay the consignor fee when I register?

No, your fee is deducted from your check for every sale in which you sell items.

Can the new consignor tags be photocopied or does each item require a unique QR code?

You may enter prices + discount choice for an entire page of tags, save it as a pdf, and print as many copies as you'd like. You would need to handwrite descriptions. Do not handwrite or alter the price or your discount choice! Please don't photocopy as the QR code becomes too blurry. Printing hundreds of pages of tags from the pdf is fine, but photocopies of a page are not.

Who can shop with me?

Your spouse, your parents, your in-laws, and your children are welcome to shop with or without you with your consignor confirmation or by giving your name at the door. Send your friends the information about the Friends Sale so they can get a free ticket to that event! You want them to come to buy your stuff!

Don't make these Tagging Blunders!