Kids EveryWEAR Tickets

Join the Crew & get first dibs! The more you help the Crew, the earlier you shop! See Crew slots and register here. No way you can join the Crew? You’ve got a few more options!

If you can't do crew, we require tickets for crowd control!

* Your spouse, parents, parents-in-law, & children get in on your 1 ticket

A separate ticket is required for Full Price, 50% off, and 75% off, so snag one for full price day and for 50% off day and for 75% off day.
After your full price day, feel free to return on any other full price days!
The Sapphire and Platinum Tickets get you in for Full Price, 50% off AND 75% off!
The Gold Ticket only gets you in early for Full Price Day.
The Silver Ticket gets you in early on 50% off Day AND 75% off day!
We have $5 and free tickets too, but you'll need one for each day you want to shop if you choose the $5 or free options.

TICKETS LAUNCH February 7th! Get yours here!

ke ticket schedule

Here's Consignor Shopping times

Find out more about consigning here.
Consignors do not need a ticket to shop at Consignor times but can purchase a ticket to shop earlier.

consignor schedule